My Decluttering Journey | Day One: Clothes (and Books) + Catch Up

My main goal for the coming year 2019 is to live my life intentionally, every single day. Part of this is to find comfort in living minimally (in which I will bring you with me by TRYING my best to write regularly about it), and in tidying up because I am not really a fan … Continue reading My Decluttering Journey | Day One: Clothes (and Books) + Catch Up


Lost and Searching at Twenty-two

I honestly do not know how to start but I am certain that what I am about to write is about purpose and how I feel about not finding mine yet. It seems that I still haven’t found my purpose and I find this quite alarming because finally knowing what my purpose is in this … Continue reading Lost and Searching at Twenty-two

Open Communication

Open communication is such a wonderful way of being connected to another person. Being able to openly communicate your thoughts and emotions, no matter how perplexed, complicated, or even dark they become, without any signs of judgment from the other, is a very beautiful thing indeed. Imagine everything you say being absorbed completely then bounced … Continue reading Open Communication